GMO Plants Are Not Easy to Spot

While on a hunt for a eucalyptus plant, there was a huge price discrepancy from place to place and at first, it hadn’t occurred to me that the reason was the organic factor as well as the pesticide factor.

The way a plant nursery traditionally grows its inventory is far more careful and costly than the corporate giants with their industrial infrastructures. This is not to say every nursery is innocent, neither is every corporation guilty. Sometimes, efficiency becomes more of a priority than ethical practices when investors get involved.

It’s not easy to tell the difference, and the organic plants usually do not look as perfect as their GMO counterparts. As time marches on, less and less truly organic seeds are available to the public, unless there is some kind of shift in behavior.

Agriculture is a dying industry, despite being necessary for our survival in an economic-based society. This isn’t news. That is why so many people are now looking to garden where possible. It may appear as a trendy hobby but its roots in nature are strong. Organic gardening is an ancient practice and it will change but it will never go away.

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