Vegan Meal-planning

There are basically two options: do it alone or pay someone.

Vegan meal preparation is no walk in the park for the first few weeks. Once it becomes a habit, the real benefits kick in. The time saved really starts to make a difference.

The hardest part is likely going to be keeping every meal fresh. Humidity is a mold starter, even in cool environments. Keep your meals cool, dry and free of oxidation.

Plant-based munchies make great sides in addition to being snack-able.

How does one start meal planning with no prior experience? It might seem impossible for the disorganized, but all it takes is a few simple steps.

  1. Start off with a week or less
  2. Write down some of the foods you eat already
  3. Plan out some meals for the week (or a few days)
  4. Make time to prepare the meals for the following day
  5. Contain and seal the meals to maintain freshness
  6. Or if you are truly unable, just pay a meal service or vegan cook.

Use tupperware if possible. Vegan meal preparation is like any meal preparation except that some foods are likely not going to be cooked until mealtime or at all.

Make sure basic nutritional dietary needs are being taken into consideration or the benefits of vegan meal preparation will become obscured.

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