Month: December 2019

Why You Feel Like S*!% Every Day

Obviously, this does not apply to everyone, but for the plant eaters of the world, getting the hang of a new lifestyle can be challenging. Even though most books on nutrition will give you a general guideline on how to eat, they sometimes word reasons too pedantically. From a nutrition-based perspective, proteins and iron need to be a priority. Carbohydrates are short-term energy and are excellent when it comes to…

Vegan & Vegetarian Fast Food Options

Something vegans know that other people don’t is that not all vegan food is healthy. Sometimes, eating out is more practical when time constraints come into play. While meal prepping and ready-to-consume products exist just for such an occasion, humans make mistakes. So what can you eat when you can’t eat most things? Once, I mentioned Baker’s (a Southern California restaurant chain) being vegetarian friendly for the past few decades,…

Plant-based Munchies Recipes

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Official Press Release

Look for Plant-based Munchies | The World’s First Vegan Game Series in the news!